What does a Copywriter do?

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Many-a-time I have been asked the question – “so what do you do for a job?” In reply, I proudly say “I’m a Copywriter” – and they automatically think that you are some wordy geek that writes lustrous romance novels or gripping sci-fi books.  This article is to inform those who are not in the game, as to what business focussed, results generating word experts do.

Some may think that Copywriters write to evoke an action from the reader, and Content Writers simply write to inform, but just to challenge that, I’m a Copywriter that straddles both camps; with the added benefit of over 12 years’ Marketing and Communications experience!

What’s important to understand is that while words are the main output of a Copy or Content Writer, writing isn’t necessarily what we spend most of our time doing. We have to do a lot of research and thinking, tweaking and formatting, and many other peripheral tasks.

In fact, I’d say that I spend half of my time researching, a sixth actually writing the thing, and a third editing. Despite what some people think, copywriting is a lot more than just ‘wordsmithing’.

What drives Copywriters

I like to write and generate results for businesses.  Unlike a journalist I write with an agenda; to promote a product using catchy but imaginative words, alternatively, I take an informative corporate approach for a white paper or company document, or simply write a piece to educate others.

While I am passionate about every item that I write, Copywriters cannot be precious about their work; the norm being that the requesting company presents your words as their own.  Copywriters are like ‘copy chameleons’, adapting their tone of voice to suit the appropriate market and brand.

What do Copywriting Cameleons write?

  • SEO website copy. Copy can be written using keywords of your choice, alternatively, I am more than happy to make suggestions. This type of copy should ultimately increase online sales and improve your search engine ranking. It can take the form of – product descriptions, corporate copy, blog posts, product reviews, news articles.
  • Blog posts. These can range from 200 to 1,500 words and written using an informal tone of voice, normally with an underlying message relating back to the business that they are promoting.
  • White papers. These tend to be 1,500-2,500 words and are informative, educational documents that explain the origins of a problem and how it might be solved. Often that solution will be linked to what the client sells, but the majority of the white paper will be objective and useful.
  • Emails. Email campaigns are there to pique interest, raise awareness and prompt an action. They have to be short, enticing and informative.
  • Case studies. Short articles that explain how a company helped its customers. Case studies often have a standard structure but with a story encased inside it.
  • Industry reports. These are hardcore reports based on real research that illuminates or expands upon a certain issue, industry or trend.

Contact us today with your copywriting, editing or proofreading needs – Willabee a vet?  Willabee an engineer?  Or, Willabee a fashion expert?  Your copy decides!

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